rs3gold: Rush to get easy gold wow with 7% discount with spring hot sale

Rush to get easy gold wow with 7% discount with spring hot sale

Ozu 5 2018 u 08:49am

How cheap wow gold to get comet dusts in dragon nestComet dusts, which currently sell at around 60 65g / 100 pcs (Note that the price depends on your server!), are obtained via extraction or disassembling. Alternatively, comet dusts are also dropped in nests (Along with sun sparks).

Here's an overview: you disassemble an upgraded equipment (preferably weapons) through the disassembler located outside every town. Once you click disassemble, comet dusts will come out of the disassembler in exchange for your equip. As simple as that.

Comet tails are basically condensed forms of comet dusts, and are exchangeable at a rate of 1 Comet Tail: 10 000 Comet Dusts. Likewise, 1 Sun Flame is equivalent to 10 000 Sun Sparks.

To get comet tails, you simply need to extract equipments +13 and above. Sun Flames are rumored to appear around +13 and above for high level epic grade weapons.

What are comet dusts for?Comet dusts are used to exchange for spiral and vortex pouches, which contain corresponding spiral and vortex codes. Spiral and Vortex codes are special codes which provide an instant equipment upgrade.

The only difference between a spiral and a vortex code is that the spiral code has a prerequisite of 1 level lower than the upgrade level of the code. Meaning, to be able to use a +9 40 Epic Grade Spiral Code (Main Weapon), you need a Level 40 primary weapon that is upgraded to +8. Vortex codes on the other hand do not need this prerequisite.

Take note that what code you get is random depending on the grade of the pouch. For example, a high grade vortex pouch contains a random +11 +14 vortex code.

How many comet dusts do you get per extraction?The answer to this question is that it varies. The amount of comet dusts and sun sparks dropped per extraction depends on the upgrade level, equipment grade (rare, epic), and equipment level. Logically, the higher each of these factors are, the better are your rewards. But wait, this doesn't mean that the better your equipment the more profitable it would be.

The amount of comet dusts and sun sparks obtained per extraction are summarized as follows. Take note that at each extraction, there's a chance that 1.) You get an additional 1 3 pcs of comet dusts 2.) You get a random spiral or vortex code (higher or same level) 3.) You fail, for lower level equipments. Why? it's because the list is made specially for upgraded equipments that can be profitable through comet dusts. For the full list, view the source. Aside from that, it works. ;-)

bzirkone 3 years ago from Kansas

Oh. It's a game. I see now categories at the top there. At first I thought this was some kind of technical programing language or 'how to' for assembling a computer. But then, comet dust? So, then I'm thinking, no, this guy is testing out tags and keywords for SEO and just making up random content. Briefly I thought, insane. Then I see the exchange rate and I'm thinking, oh. A game. Then, of course, I notice the category bar at the top. So, yeah. Good hub. I think.


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